Watch 2018 Fall Meeting press conferences live


  1. If you don’t have it already, download Adobe Flash player, available for free here.
  2. At the time of the press conference, go to the AGU press conferences web page.

Asking questions

To ask questions via webchat during the press conference, you must first register for the webstreaming site by clicking the Register link at the bottom of the AGU press conferences web page. Please register using your real name (without spaces). Once registered, you need only log in to take part in subsequent press conferences.

Please note: Only members of the press may ask questions during press conferences. For information about who AGU considers press, please see AGU’s press registration eligibility requirements. To ask questions, you do not need to register as a press attendee for the Fall Meeting but you do need to register for the webstreaming site.

During press conferences, an AGU staff member will monitor the chat and ask questions to the press conference speakers on your behalf. You will hear the speakers’ answers via the web page audio.

More information

Press conferences will be archived on AGU’s YouTube channel.

Report technical difficulties via the web chat. If it is not functioning, please email AGU’s press officers at news@agu.org or phone the Press Room at +1 (415) 348-4404 or +1 (415) 348-4405.

If, for some reason, the webstreaming function goes down, we will immediately put up a message on the 2018 Fall Meeting Media Center homepage and make the briefing available via teleconference. The teleconference will only be available if the webstreaming service goes down.