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On this page, reporters can find scientific experts attending Fall Meeting 2018 who are available for interviews. A listing of experts, along with their fields of study and contact information, is below.

Public information officers can add experts from their institution to this list by filling out the “List an Expert” form below. Please be as specific as possible about a scientist’s area of expertise and availability. Each expert should be entered as a separate entry. Please only list experts who will be attending Fall Meeting 2018 and will be available to speak to reporters. There is a limit of 10 experts per PIO.

Reporters who would like to request an expert in a specific topic area not listed below should email

Please note: Only public information and press officers of recognized scientific societies, educational institutions, government agencies and non-profit Earth and space science research organizations are eligible to list experts. The AGU press office may remove any entries made by press officers who do not meet these criteria.

Available Experts

First Name Last Name Institution Main Topic Area Profile
Aileen Nowlan Environmental Defense Fund Climate View
Amanda Clarke Arizona State University Volcanology View
Angeline Pendergrass National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) Climate View
Ariel Anbar Arizona State University Geochemistry View
Barry Freifeld Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Geology View

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