Are you eligible to submit multiple abstracts? View the flowchart for details.

First Author Policy

First authors can have a maximum of one (1) contributed and one (1) invited abstract or two (2) invited abstracts. The only exemption to this policy is the submission of one (1) additional contributed abstract to a GeoHealth (GH), Education (ED) or Public Affairs (PA) session.

Author Guidelines

  • The person submitting the abstract will automatically be the first author. You may not submit an abstract on behalf of another author. The first author cannot be modified for any reason.
  • The first author, including invited authors, MUST be an AGU member. Coauthors or presenting authors who are different than the first author are not required to be an AGU member.
  • The abstract submission fee is separate from membership dues. If paying for membership by credit card, you will have immediate access to the abstract submission system to submit your abstract.
  • The abstract submitter is responsible for ensuring that all coauthors have agreed to be listed on the abstract.
  • A research team may be referenced during the submission process in the “Title of Team” field, in lieu of adding the names of individual team members.
  • Do you think your abstract is newsworthy? Would it be of interest to the press and public? Tell AGU’s public information office about it here:

AGU Membership

The first author, including invited authors, MUST be an AGU member. Coauthors or presenting authors who are different than the first author are not required to be an AGU member.

  • If you have a question on your membership status, need to join or renew, or need assistance with your AGU membership account, contact the AGU Membership Services Team by email or call 800.966.2481 (toll-free in North America) or +1 202.462.6900.
  • Note to Members of Co-operating Societies: AGU has agreements with select organizations  to “sponsor” sessions within specified sections. If a session proposal is co-sponsored by one or more of these societies, this is used as a reference tool for those societies and the attendees to see which sessions will apply to members or constituents of the co-sponsoring societies. Members of these societies may join AGU or submit abstracts to the sessions co-sponsored by their respective societies. Members (who are not AGU members) must contact the AGU Member Service Center by email or by calling +1 800.966.2481 (toll-free in North America) or +1 202.462.6900 by Wednesday, 18 July 2018 to request log-in credentials in order to submit an abstract to their societies’ co-sponsored sessions.

Invited Authors

  • Invited authors will receive an electronic invitation from the session convener via the submission site. The invitation will include a link to the session; please submit the abstract via the link included in the invitation. If the abstract is not submitted through the formal invitation, the abstract will not have an invited status listing. If you have submitted your abstract to the session as a contributed abstract in error, DO NOT WITHDRAW your abstract. Contact to have the abstract status changed to Invited. 
  • A person may not be invited to submit an abstract to more than two (2) sessions.
  • A first author may NOT be an invited author or presenter on an abstract submitted to a session in which they are convening.
  • Invited authors are not guaranteed an oral presentation and may be assigned a poster presentation.
  • Invited authors do not receive discounted abstract fees, registration fees, or travel reimbursement.
  • Please note that certain authors may be marked as “Highlighted Authors” after submissions close.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Being an invited author DOES NOT guarantee that the person will receive an oral presentation unless it is a Union or approved official panel session. All invited authors are subject to being scheduled either in an oral OR a poster session. If a session is given an oral allocation, which is also NOT guaranteed, the authors in that session and the length of presentations will be decided by the convener during the scheduling process.

Conveners Submitting Abstracts

  • Conveners are allowed to submit abstracts to their own session but are NOT allowed to be invited authors to their own session or schedule themselves as an oral presentation.
  • The abstract submission fee and the first-author policy referenced above are still applicable. For instance, if you are a convener on two (2) sessions outside of the ED/GH/PA programs and you wish to submit an abstract to both of your sessions, you will be able to submit an abstract to only one session due to the first-author policy above.
  • There are no restrictions on a convener’s ability to submit an abstract to a session other than their own.
  • If a session receives multiple oral or poster session allocations, session conveners can retroactively mark up to TWO (2) abstracts as “Highlighted” per each additional session during the scheduling period if needed.

If you have any questions, please contact the AGU Scientific Program.