What were the new initiatives that AGU debuted at the 2016 Fall Meeting? See below to learn more.


Pods are a new way for attendees to converse and collaborate with colleagues and fellow attendees outside of the scientific sessions. These are non-enclosed soft seating options grouped in 6 ‘pods’ for attendees to continue the conversation in a dedicated spot that includes a monitor for displaying ePosters or presentations.

Pilot Alternate Session Formats

Last year, we debuted alternate session formats in the scientific program beyond the traditional oral and poster sessions.

  • Oral Panel Sessions (panel in an oral session)
  • Oral Lightning Sessions (rapid, quick-changing oral presentations)
  • Lightning Poster Presentations in Oral Sessions
  • Poster Lightning Sessions

Poster Lightning Sessions are in addition to the traditional poster sessions, with rapid 3-6 minute presentations (depending on the session, the duration may change). The goal of this program is to provide individuals an opportunity to present their poster in an additional forum that will allow information to be shared with a larger audience quickly and efficiently, while providing an additional and more focused space for further discussion.


The process for those who pre-registered has been streamlined to be more efficient and to lessen the time spent trying to pick up registration materials at the convention center. Badges have a new look – larger and bold! Get excited for new badges and new lanyards for future meetings.

AGU On-Demand with Social Q&A

For sessions in the AGU On-Demand program, virtual participants as well as on-site attendees were able to  ask questions to the presenter without being in the room or without leaving their seats!

Wayfinders (Interactive Map Stations)

For the Exhibit Hall and the Poster Hall, there were stations at the entrances to help attendees more efficiently find where they are trying to go. Touch displays and great information helped to aid attendees in navigating the exhibit floor and the poster hall aisles.

Video Wall

At the 2016 Fall Meeting, there were rows of monitors that displayed graphics and content to showcase future or immediately upcoming events, inspirational notes, communication messages, social media feeds, and much more!

Schedule at a Glance – What’s Happening Now?

There were also rows of monitors that showed the shortened details of all sessions being presented at that time including their location. This proved to be a great “What’s happening now” view for the scientific program.