Session Convener Overview/Expectations

Refer to the Session Proposal Guidelines to find details on the submission process.

Session conveners received their session acceptance or rejection notification on 14 June. Please note that your session may have been moved to and accepted by another more appropriate Section or Focus Group than the one to which it was submitted. If your Program Committee representative needs you to merge with another similar session proposal, they may have contacted you via the email address tied to the session, but they have ultimate purview over the sessions in their Section/Focus Group.

If accepted, your session will be available for abstract submissions. You are expected to monitor your session during the submission period specifically for abstracts that clearly do not belong in your session. As a reminder, abstract text will not be viewable to the public during the submission period. For more information, refer to the “Monitoring Abstracts” tab above.

Conveners are allowed to submit abstracts to their own session, but are NOT allowed to be invited authors to their own session. If the session is allocated an oral slot, we ask that conveners not schedule themselves an oral presentation.

At least ONE of the conveners must be available in late August/early September for the scheduling of your session. Please note, at the discretion of your program committee representative, you may be asked to merge with another session in early to mid-August. More information on scheduling is available in the “After Abstracts” tab above.

Abstract notifications and notification of your sessions’ official scheduled day and time will be sent out on 2 October 2017. After this date, please monitor your session to note withdrawals. More information on scheduling is available in the “After Abstract Deadline” tab above.