Session and Presentation Type Overview

There are two traditional types of sessions held during Fall Meeting—oral and poster. Abstract submitters select their presentation type preference as either only a poster or to be designated by the Program Committee/session conveners (poster or oral) during the abstract submission process. The only exception to this is if the session is one of the new alternate formats for this year.

Between 2 August and 2 October, the designated section/focus group Program Committee representative will determine the session type (poster session, or a combination of oral and poster), and then the session conveners will review and arrange the abstracts in their own session to determine an abstract presentation type if allocated more than a poster session.

  • Poster Sessions: Each poster session will be displayed for a full day during the meeting but will be considered active only during the session time block. More than half of the presentations given at Fall Meeting are poster presentations.
  • Oral Sessions: Oral sessions will receive a 2-hour time slot, and, although the length of presentation is up to the session convener, these average out to 15 minutes per presentation. NOT ALL SESSIONS RECEIVE AN ORAL ALLOCATION.
  • Alternate Session Formats: There will be alternate session formats apart from the traditional oral and poster sessions. These are requested during the session proposal phase by the convener and must be confirmed through review by the Program Committee during session proposal acceptance in May or session scheduling in August. The current formats that have an impact on the presentation type that can be requested by abstract submitters are eLightning, Poster Only, and possibly Panel Sessions, depending on the convener. The eLightning sessions are their own session type and will not have accompanying traditional oral or poster sessions, and Poster Only sessions will only be posters, so there will be no oral session component. Panel Sessions may have an accompanying poster session, as determined or desired by the session convener, but, otherwise, the panelists will be invited authors.

Presentation Type Policies

  • Oral presentations cannot be requested. As noted above, these are assigned by the session conveners and Program Committee after all abstract submissions have been received.
  • Poster presentations may be requested. As noted above, these requests made during the abstract submission process will be honored by the conveners and Program Committee if the abstract is accepted.
  • Submission of an abstract carries with it the obligation to give a presentation in the designated manner assigned. It also grants AGU permission to publish the abstract. This means that, if your abstract is accepted, it may be accepted as a poster presentation even though you had hoped for an oral presentation. Submitting an abstract means that you acknowledge this very likely possibility.
  • Once assigned by the Program Committee and scheduled by the session convener, the date and time of the presentation CANNOT be changed; presenters are advised not to arrange travel until acceptance notifications are sent in early October via email. Acceptance notifications will include information regarding assigned session dates and times. Please note that presentations may be assigned on any day: Monday, 11 December through Friday, 15 December.
  • To be the presenter of either an accepted oral or a poster presentation at the meeting, the individual must be listed as the “presenting author” on the abstract.  An individual cannot present another abstract if his/her name is not listed as an author on the abstract.