Date: Tuesday, 13 Dec.
Times: 1600 – 1800.
Location: Moscone West, room 2001A 

Schedule of Talks

Speaker Title Time
Opening 16:00
Cynthia Gerlein-Safdi Taking Up the Torch: Emerging Issues in Tropical Ecohydrology from Early Career Scientists 16:05
Singleton Thibodeaux-Yost A Stream is a Stream is a River – A Tale of Temperamental Terminology 16:11
Jon Weiner Snow: Why It Matters 16:17
Mhari Barnes Trees: The Solution to Flooding? 16:23
Elizabeth Agee Green Infrastructure: Blurring Lines Between Urban and Natural Landscapes 16:29
Chelsea Panos Water You Talking About? Misconceptions About Water and How to Address Them 16:35
Kimberly Brumble Kudzu, Drought, and Other, Normal Disasters: Making Geophysical Science Actionable Through the Co-production of Knowledge 16:41
Frederick Cheng The Beauty of Language: Attempting to Break Down Barriers in Interdisciplinary Water Research 16:47
Marie-claire ten Veldhuis Exploring the Opportunities of Mobile Technology and Big Business Collaboration in RainSense – Citizens Sensing Future Weather 16:53
Rose Petersky Taking Hydrology by Storm: How Cloud Computing is Reshaping the Way We Do Water Science 16:59
Luis Galindo Creating Intelligent Water Infrastructure to Tackle Big Data and Uncertainty 17:05
Ryan Crumley New Methods and Metrics Using Google Earth Engine’s Cloud Computing Platform to Advance Cryospheric Studies & Geospatial Analysis 17:11
Rolf Hut The WaterCycle Rube GoldBerg Machine 17:17
Discussion & Wrap Up 17:23