Date: Monday, 12 Dec.
Times: 1600 – 1800.
Location: Moscone West, room 2001A 

Schedule of Talks

Speaker Presentation Title Time
Opening 16:00
Amy Myrbo Developing a fully accessible field camp 16:05
Shoh Tagawa Let’s join geoscience outreach as a MOOC community TA! 16:11
Güereque Mariana Leveraging Partnerships in Underrepresented Student Outreach Programs 16:17
Danya AbdelHameid Where can we be unapologetically and wholly ourselves? – Reflections on Inclusivity in Geoscience 16:23
Katalyn Voss Citizen Science in Developing Countries: Why We Need to Move Away from Data Colonialism and Towards Local Engagement 16:29
Laura Reynolds Working for Free: Financial Barriers to Early Research Opportunities 16:35
Ryan McCarty Opening access and science: some problems and solutions 16:41
Zion Klos Climate Odyssey: Applying and Advancing Art-Science Communication 16:47
Erika Marin-Spiotta Cultural change is needed to address sexual harassment and discrimination 16:53
Catherine Nakalembe Mapping for Climate Resilience: Oruchinga Refugee Settlement 16:59
Robin D. Lopez Anomalies in Boundary Conditions 17:05
Katelyn Rainville Sisterhood of the Traveling Geologist 17:11
Anne Jefferson Social Media for Community Building Among Geoscientists from Under-represented Groups 17:17
Lin Boynton One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure: Food Waste Tackles the War on Hunger 17:23
Skuyler Herzog Stop Talking! Contextual Listening for Meaningful Outreach 17:29
Discussion 17:35