Pop-up sessions are exciting sessions organized entirely by students and early career scientists. The goal is for students and early career scientists to give a five-minute “pop-up” talk about how their research impacts society, their vision of the future of geophysics, or their experience as a student of a particular continent, country, race, gender, etc. 

Dates: Monday, 12 Dec. and Tuesday, 13 Dec.Pop-Up Talks
Times: 1600 – 1800.
Location: Moscone West, room 2001A 

Pop-Up abstracts do not have a fee and do not count against an attendee’s Fall Meeting scientific program abstract allotment, as pop-up talks are not part of the official scientific program.

Social Dimensions of Geoscience Pop-Up

Broader participation in the geosciences has the untapped potential to promote diversity, equality, and stakeholder involvement while tackling complex, contemporary issues. This session provides a forum for all AGU members to share success stories, discuss challenges, and calls for future directions related to the social dimensions of geosciences in 5 minute pitches. Topics may include both the inward- and the outward-looking needs for the AGU community. Inward-looking topics may include, but are not limited to, networking skills, work-life balance, interdisciplinary research, and mentorship experiences and opportunities. Outward-looking topics may include, but are not limited to use-inspired science, community participation, science communication, environmental policy, and inclusive research communities. Pop-up proposal selections will be based on ensuring a diverse range of topics, backgrounds, and career levels.

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Abstract submissions are closed for this Pop-Up session.

Conveners: Natasha Krell, Kevin Roche, Sheila Saia

Water Sciences Pop-Up

The state of the world’s water resources is continuously changing. Out of the box solutions may pave future decisions for scientific research, resource management, and public policy. This session provides young scientists the opportunity to give 5 minute presentations on their future vision(s) of water sciences. We offer a platform to share ideas with fellow scientists and the general public. Presentations should strive to go beyond one’s research to address broader issues. This pop-up session is open to both students and early-career scientists who want to share their vision and bridge the gap between now and the future. Selections will be based on ensuring a diverse range of topics, speaker backgrounds, and future ideas. Some examples of questions that might be answered in this session include:

– How can we advance water sciences using the ever-growing pool of accessible data?
– How do we manage the Food-Water-Energy Nexus under a changing climate?
– Can we get the same results we can with $100 dollars as we can with $10,000,000?
– The Cloud, one big brain?
– “Go big or go home” or “It’s the little details that are vital”?

View the schedule of talks.

Abstract submissions are closed for this Pop-Up session.

Conveners: Niels Claes, Sheila Saia, Harsh Beria

Questions? Contact students@agu.org.