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To find the Program Committee representative(s) for your section or focus group, please use the search feature below. You may choose a section or focus group from the drop down menu, or simply search by keyword.

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  • Name: David Cairns
  • Organization: Texas A&M University
  • Email:
  • Name: Ben Kravitz
  • Organization: Pacific Northwest National Lab
  • Email:
  • Name: Erwan Monier
  • Organization: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Email:
  • Name: Huan Wu
  • Organization: University of Maryland
  • Email:
  • Name: Bart Nijssen
  • Organization: University of Washington
  • Email:
  • Name: Casey Brown
  • Organization: University of Massachusetts, Amherst
  • Email:
  • Name: Megan Smith
  • Organization: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • Email:
  • Name: Terri Hogue
  • Organization: Colorado School of Mines
  • Email:
  • Name: Rebecca Fischer
  • Organization: Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History and University of California, Santa Cruz
  • Email:
  • Name: Ramesh Singh
  • Organization: Chapman University
  • Email:
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