Water Sciences Pop Up Session Schedule
Monday, 14 December 2015
Moscone South – Room 101

Order Speaker Title Time
Opening 16:00
1 Adam Wlostowski Embrace your field site as a unique hydrologic laboratory! 16:05
2 Margaret Garcia Redefining Urban Water Stress 16:11
3 Niels Claes Water Sciences: Innovative thinking and challenges within our own community: ‘Dare to fail’ 16:17
4 Evan Kipnis Networking at the atomic scale: How using stable isotopes benefits your research and outreach 16:23
5 Joanna Adadevoh Remediation of Oil Spills and Groundwater Contamination in Nigeria: The Role of Chemical Engineers 16:29
6 Kevin Roche Time(scale) to Relax 16:35
7 Erin Haacker Before and Aftermath: Preemptive Data Collection in Hydrology 16:41
8 Xuan Yu software reproducibility 16:47
9 Tim Van Emmerik 4 Reasons Why All Geoscientists Should Do Fieldwork 16:53
10 Anna Scaini Feeding Our Hunger For Answers: When We Look For Details, We Always See Differences 16:59
11 Valentin Heimhuber Is earth-observation the key for solving the global freshwater crisis? 17:05
12 Julia Wise We’re All Gonna Die! Maybe. Exploring Media Coverage of Water Issues 17:11
13 Samuel Zipper Water + Soil = Food? 17:17
14 Sammie Buzzard New Atlantis: Future scientists, the future of water, the future of science communication? 17:23
15 Lauren Somers How water research does or doesn’t impact end users 17:29
16 Rolf Hut five ways to try if our believe about the truth is right, that you can do using stuff you have at home 17:35
Discussion 17:40
Wrap-Up and Surveys 17:50