Social Dimensions of Geoscience Pop-Up Schedule
Tuesday, 15 December 2015
Moscone South – Room 101

Order Speaker Title Time
Opening 16:00
1 Bonnie McGill Putting people in the picture: Integrating sociology into your next nutrient budget 16:05
2 Esther Posner On-Campus Method to Combat the Mental Health Crisis Plaguing Modern Day Graduate Students 16:11
3 Gabrielle Tepp The Challenges of Meeting the Public’s Call for Transparency 16:17
4 Drew Gower Assessing water availability among Kenyan smallholders 16:23
5 Catherine Nakalembe Remote Sensing of Agriculture for Food Security Policy and Decision Support in Smallholder Systems 16:29
6 Harmony Colella Minimizing the *Sigh*-ence in Science: New Resources and Programs to Help Early Career Investigators 16:35
7 Natalie Ceperley Lessons Learned at the Interface of Science and Rural Development 16:41
8 John Ware Scientists, Unions, and Collective Power 16:47
9 Peter Ibsen Building a mutual beneficial relationship between citizen scientists and academic researchers 16:53
10 Natasha Krell Knowledge is Power: Filling Data Gaps and Empowering Smallholder Decision-Making with Real-Time Data 16:59
11 Ryan Niemeyer Campfires and Calculations: the Benefits of Befriending Stakeholders 17:05
12 Andrew Sturner CU-STARs: Addressing Freshmen Attrition in Diverse Students 17:11
13 Anne Van Loon The Social Dimension of Drought 17:17
Discussion 17:23
Wrap-Up and Surveys 17:40
Mingle 17:45