Student “Pop-Up” Talks

Pop-up sessions are exciting sessions organized entirely by students. The goal is for students to develop an interdisciplinary session featuring students giving a five-minute “pop-up” talk about how their research impacts society, their vision of the future of geophysics, or their experience as a student of a particular continent, country, race, gender, etc. Learn more.

Student & Early Career Scientist Conference

AGU will host the second Student & Early Career Scientist Conference, which will be held the day before Fall Meeting begins. The conference will provide opportunities for networking and workshops on sharpening your career skills. It will be followed by a happy hour so that students can discuss the day’s activities and practice their networking skills. Learn more.

Student Breakfast

Wake up bright and early to enjoy breakfast with AGU section and focus group leaders. All registered students are welcome to attend, but student seating is limited to 400 on a first-come, first-served basis. Meet the scientists who wrote your textbooks and have blazed a trail before you!

Public Lecture

Dr. Richard Alley, Evan Pugh Professor of Geosciences at Pennsylvania State University, will deliver the 2015 Public Lecture titled “Ice Cores to Smart Phones: The Good News on Energy, the Environment, and Our Future.” This event is free to the public. Learn more.

Exploration Station

Bring your friends and family and do hands-on science with AGU scientists! Exploration Station is a program of activities that gives AGU members who are education or outreach professionals a chance to interact with the public in San Francisco. Learn more.

Bright STaRS

Middle school and high school students participating in after-school and summer research experiences in the Earth and space sciences are invited to participate in the AGU Bright Students Training as Research Scientists (Bright STaRS) program. Learn more.