What is it? The International Buddy Program connects first-time Fall Meeting attendees, whose first language is not English, with other experienced attendees who speak the same first language.

Who is it for? The program is both for (1) first-time attendees who are not fluent in English and would like assistance better understanding the conference and (2) Fall Meeting veterans who are fluent in languages in addition to English and would like to help out some first-time attendees.

How do I sign up? AGU is no longer accepting applications for this program.

Sign Up Deadline: Wednesday, 25 November



What happens after I sign up? AGU will then match up volunteers with first-time, international attendees who speak the same language(s). The volunteers will assist the first-timers by answering questions regarding travel and conference logistics and offering general Fall Meeting advice. Please note that just because you signed up to be a buddy or a mentee does not guarantee that you will be matched up. AGU will let you know either way.

Are there any requirements? Volunteers are required take part in the following correspondence/meetings with their 2-3 mentees: meet at least once (virtually) prior to Fall Meeting via email, Skype, etc.; attend and meet at the Fall Meeting International Reception on 13 December; and meet at least one additional time during the conference itself. As a “thank you” for their time and participation in this exciting and important inaugural program, AGU will grant all selected volunteering “buddies” with complimentary registration to the 2015 Fall Meeting.