AGU, the International Geosphere‑Biosphere Programme (IGBP), and Future Earth are hosting a performance of Bella Gaia on Thursday, 17 December, at 8:00 P.M. in conjunction with IGBP’s anniversary celebration and this year’s Fall Meeting. Also, an informative and engaging panel discussion will be held after the performance, featuring Kenji Williams, director-composer of Bella Gaia, and other panelists. Join your colleagues at the Herbst Theatre, San Francisco War Memorial and Performing Arts Center, 401 Van Ness Avenue, for this unique audiovisual experience.

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BGPostCard7x5-01[2]Bella Gaia is an audiovisual experience that combines NASA satellite imagery of Earth, time-lapse nature photography, and cultural heritage footage with live performances of music and dance from around the world.

Inspired by astronauts who spoke of the life-changing power of seeing Earth from space, Kenji Williams’ award-winning Bella Gaia simulates the Overview Effect from space flight, by using NASA’s supercomputer data-visualizations to explore the relationship between humans and nature through time and space.


The panel discussion after the performance will be moderated by BBC journalist Gaia Vince, and will feature:

  • Astronaut John Grunsfeld
  • Bella Gaia founder/director/composer Kenji Williams
  • AGU President Dr. Margaret Leinen
  • IGBP chair Professor James P. M. Syvitski
  • Future Earth Hub Director Josh Tewksbury