The AGU Housing Block is now sold out.

ARES Housing System

If you have not yet booked your housing, please consider booking your reservation through ARES, the official housing partner of the San Francisco Convention & Visitors Bureau. AGU is not responsible for any reservations or policies booked through ARES. Hotel reservations can be booked online or by contacting the ARES reservation center at +1-877-300-6147 (domestic) or +1-858-300-9467 (international).

The ARES Housing System is a third party travel planner. Therefore, any questions on hotel policies stated or payments made on the ARES Web site should be directed to the ARES Reservation Center or to the hotel directly. AGU is not responsible for any reservations booked through the ARES Housing System.

Existing Hotel Reservations
If you need to make changes to your existing hotel reservation, please contact your hotel directly.

AGU Hotel Block Information
If you would like to know what hotels were included in the 2014 AGU Fall Meeting Housing block, view the list of hotels.