The Student T-Shirt and Video Contests aim to spark creativity in students while rewarding them with free AGU Fall Meeting registration!  Students can flex their graphic design skills by entering the Student T-Shirt Contest or tell a story via their entry in the Student Video Contest.  Students who are interested in entering the 2015 contests should begin thinking about their entries now!

2014 Student T-Shirt Contest Winner


Congratulations to Kasey Aderhold for her winning t-shirt design, titled “Geoscience Haiku.”

Our golden gate bridge / lines become earth, water, wind / knowledge awaits you.

Kasey will receive free Fall Meeting registration and this stylish t-shirt will be sold at the Fall Meeting and online after the meeting.  Proceeds benefit the student travel grant fund!

2014 Student Video Contest Winners

Hayley Keen, Frazer Matthews-Bird, William Gosling, and Encarni Montoya submitted this fantastic entry to the 2014 Student Video Contest!

Their video, titled “Past Environmental Change in the Amazon Basin,” is a video diary recorded while conducting PhD fieldwork in Ecuador. It gives the viewer a feel for what it is like to be a geoscientist and provides a unique, informal perspective of a field expedition. The video introduces some of the fundamental principles of Earth sciences, including geological time and environmental and climate change, while retaining the sense of excitement and adventure of fieldwork. Presenting scientists in an informal light can become a great platform for public engagement in cutting edge research.