Sunday, 14 December, 2014  9:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.

Students-Walking-Talking-Candid-4-290x200AGU is excited to host our first Student & Early Career Scientist Conference, which will be held the day before the Fall Meeting begins!  The conference will provide opportunities for networking and workshops on sharpening your career skills.  It will be followed by a happy hour so that students can discuss the days’ activities and practice their networking skills.

Register for the AGU Student and Early Career Scientist Conference in the online registration system.  The registration fee is $25 for the conference and $10 for the happy hour that follows.

Two Tracks:  Hydrology Track and a Student & Early Career Scientist Track

Hydrology Track

How to Successfully Write and Publish a Paper (Alberto Montanari):  Learn from Alberto Montanari, Editor-in-Chief of AGU’s Water Resources Research Journal, how to turn your research into a published paper. This short course will give early-stage researchers simple guidelines and insider tips on topics including choosing the right journal, inviting co-authors, turning research results into scientific writing, and responding to reviewers’ comments.

Data Matters: Tips and Tools for Better Research (Carly A. Strasser):  This session will address the value of conducting your research in the open, including making data openly available and sharing workflows and methods. You’ll also learn about current software that makes managing data easier and more accessible.

Open-Source Measurement Equipment (Rolf Hut):  Why spend large sums of money on scientific equipment when we are surrounded by much of the same equipment and sensors in our own kitchens?  During this hands-on workshop, you will build simple science demonstrations from kitchenware and household items, showing that everyone can explain something about their field using everyday items. So roll up your sleeves, grab what you can, and start building yourself! And of course, the winner of this kitchen supply scraphead challenge will receive a prize.  Click here for a preview of Dr. Hut’s tinkering style.

Meet the Expert Discussion Session: “Hydrology in a Changing World” (Efi Foufoula-Georgiou, Andrew Gronewold, Alberto Montanari):  It is becoming increasingly important to understand and incorporate human and climate change dimensions within hydrological research. The importance of this is reflected by the dedication of the next IAHS research initiative to understanding change in hydrology and society.  Young hydrologists beginning their research careers are challenged to generate understanding of the water cycle that is robust to, or accounts for, non-stationarity of the studied system. It is a daunting but critical task that bridges the gap between science, public policy, and humanitarian concerns.

Student & Early Career Scientist Track

Take Control of Your Career (Ida Buffone):  Whether you are pursuing a new position in a different organization or a growth opportunity within your current organization, take control of your career and come to this important seminar presented by professional recruiter Ida Buffone to get insider tips on creating an effective resume and conquering the interview challenge.

Turning Your Research Into a Journal Article Need Not Be Stressful (Victoria Fiorini):  Learn how to impress editors and reviewers! Publishing your research need not be confusing or daunting. During this talk, you’ll learn what editors, reviewers, and publishers are looking for so you can minimize anxiety and maximize the professional and personal satisfaction from seeing your work in a peer-reviewed journal. Victoria Forlini of the AGU Journals Department will share practical tips and resources to start you on your way to an enviable list of publications.

Science, Social Justice, and Career Options (Raj Pandya):  Declining science literacy and the misuse or neglect of science in civic processes are just two symptoms of the gap between science and society. We, as scientists, have a moral and civic responsibility to try to bridge that gap. One way to do that is to engage community leaders as partners in doing science and invite their participation in every step from designing research questions to applying results.

Exploring Your Passions and Recognizing Your Potential (Alaina Levine):  As a student scientist, you have a lot more career opportunities than you realize. The key is being able to identify and articulate your unique value and problem-solving abilities to diverse decision-makers and find opportunities where you can develop these skills right on campus.  In particular, you will learn about some of the many opportunities you have as a member of AGU to develop your leadership abilities, learn about amazing career paths, and forge mutually beneficial partnerships with fellow geoscientists!

Clear and Compelling Communication for Any Audience (Olivia Ambroglio):  Whether you’re sharing your science with your colleagues, neighbors, newspaper, or member of Congress, you want to make it understandable and interesting. This interactive session will give you examples, tools, and the opportunity to practice putting your science in context and making it memorable.

How to Look and Feel Powerful (Johnna Yoder):  Ever wonder why some people are so fascinating while others are practically invisible? Have you noticed it has nothing to do with smarts or good looks? Would you like to know some of the secrets to showing more of the outstanding, exceptional person YOU are meant to be? Join us for this one-time session at Fall Meeting: Society of Exploration Geophysicists’ (SEG’s) wildly popular “The Powerful Interview.”  This is a certified module for SEG’s Bootcamp for Exceptional Leaders.


AGU Student & Early Career Scientist Conference Mixer

American Geophysical Union - Fall Meting 2012Sunday, 14 December 2014  5:00 P.M. – 8:00 P.M.

The Thirsty Bear 661 Howard Street San Francisco, CA 94105

Join fellow conference attendees for a chance to socialize and network! Tapas-style appetizers and unlimited beverages. OPEN TO STUDENT & EARLY CAREER SCIENTIST CONFERENCE ATTENDEES ONLY