Information for OSPA Judges

Thank you for your interest in judging the Outstanding Student Paper Awards (OSPA)!  Volunteer judges are an integral part of the judging process.  Many AGU students will remember their first OSPA experience in incredible ways that can only be done with the help and generosity of the judges.

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  • Judges may sign up and schedule themselves online!

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Judging Process

  • Whether an oral or a poster session, the presentation must be orally presented and explained by the student.
  • Do not judge a poster of slide presentation without student commentary. If the student is not present during their assigned 2 hour period, you may not judge their poster separately.
  • Students have been informed that they must remain by their poster for a minimum of two hours and time period will be indicated and available for judges to see on the online system.
  • Presentations will be judged by several judges in order to ensure impartiality and balance out unusually high/low scores.
  • Judging is anonymous.  We hope that the students present their posters with the same energy and enthusiasm to everyone who walks by. This will only benefit the student and better their presentation skills.

Judging Criteria

  • This award is focused on recognizing presentation skills!

Judges will assess the students in the following areas and rate them on a scale of 0–5. 

  • Presentation: Visuals, effective use of allotted time or space, diction (enunciation, volume, and clarity), general style, liveliness, and stage presence.
  • Content: Organization and logic, appropriate comprehension/knowledge of field, clear explanation/ability to answer questions, and significance and originality.
  • Overall Impression Compared to Other Papers Judged:  Bonus category.
  • Comments:  Comments from judges are also encouraged in order to distinguish papers with similar scores.

A more detailed document entitled “Criteria for Judging” will be available in the online system navigation menu.

Score Sheets

  • Scoring will be done online.  You may do this via tablet, laptop, or even smartphone.
  • Paper Score Sheets:  There will not be any available at the meeting.  Judges may print paper score sheets ahead of the meeting if they wish to manually score the presenters and/or write comments.
  • All judges must enter their own scores into the online scheduling system within four days after the conference (Tuesday, 23 December, 2014).
  • OSPA Resource Center:  Computers will be available in both poster halls at the meeting for judges to enter scores.
  • Editing Scores:  Judges may edit scores until Tuesday 23 December, 2014.

Inability to JudgeIMG_7580

  • At the meeting and can’t judge?  Judges are responsible for finding a substitute.  Ask a colleague or friend.
  • Students must be assessed by three individual judges, for reasons of impartiality.

Conflicts of Interest

  • Judges are not allowed to evaluate students that they know.
  • Students from your own institution will not be returned in your search results.

Questions?  Please contact