Teaching and Career Challenges in Geoscience Pop-Up Session

17 December 2014, 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

San Francisco Marriott Marquis - Pacific H

Ticketing Type:

Open To All

Section/Focus Group or Subject Matter:

Education (ED)

In this session, students will give 5-minute pop-up talks that discuss teaching and learning in the geosciences, with respect to both themselves and others. The first half will focus on the challenges of reaching a broad audience and the methods the presenters have used to overcome the difficulties of teaching non-scientists about the geosciences.

The second half will shift to the methods that geoscientists use to overcome challenges throughout their careers as their own research interests and disciplines change and evolve. A blog will be maintained at http://keepinggeologyalive.blogspot.com, which will include content that presenters wish to make public, including videos and instructions on how a demonstration was conducted or methods and tools for learning new disciplines.

More information about Pop-Up Sessions can be foundĀ here.