Science Storytelling Video Workshop

14 December 2014, 1:30 PM - 5:30 PM

InterContinental San Francisco - Telegraph Hill

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Scientists will learn first-hand in this workshop how to shoot video in the field from Dave Selle, an Alaska-based Discovery Channel cameraman best known for his work on the TV series Ice Road Truckers. After basic instruction, participants will be sent out in teams with camera gear to film a short story. Then, the large group will deconstruct the videos, highlighting both the good footage and areas for improvement. Award-winning editor Liz O’Connell of Frontier Scientists will offer tips on how to tell stories using video. Participants are encouraged (but not required) to bring their own camera equipment. Space is limited, and advance sign-up is required.

Participation is limited to scientists who are registered for the Fall Meeting and want to learn how to more effectively communicate their research, as opposed to policy professionals, journalists, or other professional communicators. AGU strives for diversity in its workshops and will take gender, geography, scientific discipline, and career level into account when accepting applications.

Photography and recording (audio or video) are not allowed at this workshop, and the material presented at this workshop may not be published in any online or print publications (except by AGU staff), unless otherwise indicated by workshop leaders.

This event is free, and a box lunch will be served. Space is limited, and advance application is required.