Professional Skills Development Workshop for Women and Minorities

14 December 2014, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

InterContinental San Francisco - Union Square

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Open To All

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Education (ED)

This career development and professional skills workshop is for faculty, postdoctoral scientists, and researchers. It is modeled after highly successful workshops in physics and chemistry. The aim is to improve negotiation and communication skills for women, ethnic minorities, and other underrepresented groups and to empower participants to be more successful in their individual research careers. Many scientists feel competent and powerful in their area of expertise. However, in meetings or negotiations, some feel as if they are playing in a game where they don’t know the rules. In the Professional Skills Development Workshop, participants will be introduced to techniques synthesized from negotiation, leadership training, and theater to help them be more effective. They will be asked to bring examples of challenging negotiations or meetings, either from the past or upcoming, and will leave with a stronger sense of how to think strategically about their professional opportunities.

This workshop is sponsored by NSF award # EAR-1352212 and hosted by the UCLA Division of Physical Sciences. You can register to attend this workshop here.