PRACTICE Community Science: Hands-On Workshop

Laurie Leshin, Chair of the Thriving Earth Exchange Advisory Board, will introduce this session by describing how Earth and space scientists can advance local resilience through community science.

DANIEL HOMSEY – Director, Neighborhood Empowerment Network


Daniel will lead a small-group activity that he has successfully used to help 100’s of communities design and implement strategies that enhance their resilience.


To better understand the community-side of community science, attendees will participate as community members learning to “Build Your Resilientville“. After the activity, we’ll reflect on community member motivations, aspirations, and goals and consider what that implies for successful community science projects. Scientists will leave with a tool they can use to initiate resilience discussions that launch community science projects in their own communities. Attendees will also learn how TEX can support their ongoing efforts and projects, well after the conference has ended.