Career Lounge Talk: Geoscience - Driving Innovation in Agriculture

16 December 2014, 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Career Lounge - Room 101

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Find out from Kiersten Cummings of Farmlogs how your scientific training and expertise can help farmers grow our food more efficiently.

Farmlogs’ mission is to be the company that invents the future of farming. We challenge what is possible and invent new ways of applying cutting-edge technology to the world’s oldest and most foundational industry. Farmlogs is aligned with growers. Farmers are the core of agriculture and we help them use technology to be more successful. Farmer success is our success. We will never make a decision that doesn’t benefit farmers.Our world depends on agriculture. By making farming more efficient and helping farmers increase production, we have the opportunity to make a massive positive impact.