Oral Session Hours
8:00 A.M–10:00 A.M.
10:20 A.M–12:20 P.M.
1:40 P.M.–3:40 P.M.
4:00 P.M.–6:00 P.M.

* General Sessions in Hall E will be held 12:30 P.M.-1:30 P.M.

Chair Training
Whether this is your first time chairing a Fall Meeting oral session, or you are a veteran, you are encouraged to either view the Online Chair Training or mark your calendar to attend one of the two 30 minute sessions in person. AGU’s audiovisual team will discuss the policies and use of all equipment in the room.

Sunday, 8 December
Moscone West, Room 2000
4:30 P.M.-5:00 P.M.

Tuesday, 10 December
Moscone West, Room 2000
7:00 A.M.-7:30 A.M.

Online Chair Training

Once the video is playing, we recommend that you click on the button in the bottom right hand side of the player to take the video full screen.

The video will playback on a wide variety of systems with the following caveats:
Windows 7 and Windows 8:
Internet Explorer 10.0 and later. (Note: The first time you open up a video you may receive a Popup saying: “Internet Explorer restricted this web page from running scripts or active X controls” please click the “Allow Blocked Content” button to view the videos)
Google Chrome – Yes
Note: Firefox does not support the playback of mp4 videos and is not supported on either Windows or the Mac.

Safari – Yes
Google Chrome – Yes
Note: Firefox does not support the playback of mp4 videos and is not supported on either Windows or the Mac.

iPad’s, iPhone’s and Tablets should be supported as long as they can playback an MP4 file.

Your Role as Chair

Oral sessions are being held in Moscone West and South. Please check the online Program and changes/updates as we get closer to the meeting.

If you are a convener in a session being live streamed, please refer to the additional instructions below.

  1. Due to safety regulations, please relay to your audience not to sit in the aisles. This will allow for the maximum number of attendees to attend the session and ensure that the city’s safety department will not close the program for Fall Meeting!
  2. Use any reasonable means to stop a speaker who has exceeded the allotted time. The session must stay on schedule for both the audience and other speakers, per the approved program.
  3. Only an author listed on a paper may present. No other substitutions are permitted.
  4. If a paper has been withdrawn or a speaker does not appear, call for discussion of previous papers in that session or call a recess. Do not start the next paper until the time listed in the program. Please note any no-shows/authors on the Chairperson’s Evaluation, which will be provided in advance of the meeting.
  5. Familiarize yourself in advance with the pronunciation of names and affiliations.
  6. You may interrupt speakers in order to ask them to speak more audibly, slowly, or clearly; to face the audience; or to briefly explain the message of an illegible slide.
  7. The Chair, not the speaker, conducts the discussion by recognizing participants on the floor. During discussions, ask participants to identify themselves and speak audibly so the audience can hear the questions as well as the replies.
  8. If a paper draws no questions from the floor, you are encouraged to ask questions in an attempt to stimulate discussion, if time allows. On the other hand, some papers elicit more than the usual number of comments; judge accordingly.
  9. To maintain the schedule, it may be necessary to defer lengthy discussions to the end of the session or to suggest that the discussion be continued in private, once the session has ended.
  10. No new presentations may be added to the session.
  11. Each oral session room is equipped with computer projection equipment. All presentations are uploaded in the Speaker Ready Room and sent to this equipment for viewing.
  12. Speakers cannot connect their laptops into computer projectors. Speakers have been instructed to load their presentation in advance in the Speaker Ready Room.
  13. As Chair, you must keep the session on schedule. Do not go to the next presentation, and do not allow session to overrun while a projectionist is trying to solve problems.
  14. An online evaluation will be emailed to you a few days prior to the meeting. Please be sure to complete it as soon as your session is complete. Include an assessment of the session’s attendance as well as any papers that were not presented.


Instructions for Chairs of Live Streamed Sessions

Streaming sessions as designated in the Virtual Options program are scheduled in Moscone South 102, 103, and 104 and in Moscone West 2022 and 3002 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Session chairs assigned to these rooms are asked to monitor questions being sent from the online audience and to read out these questions to the presenters as time allows. Please use your best judgment regarding the balance between in-person and online questions. AGU recommends a 2:1 ratio if there are multiple questions coming from both sources.

Instructions on how to monitor the online questions are available here and will be provided in hard copy in the session rooms.

If there is not sufficient time for questions from the onsite or online audience, remind participants that the session is being recorded (will be available online within 24 hours) and that they can pose questions there.

This is a pilot program for the 2013 AGU Fall Meeting. We welcome your feedback on incorporating questions from the remote audience into the session. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we try new ways to disseminate this important scientific research to remote audiences.