Each year, almost 6,000 students request to be considered for an Outstanding Student Paper Award (OSPA). The role of OSPA Liaison was created in order to help the Coordinators for each section and focus group ensure that all students who wish to be considered are evaluated. During the Fall Meeting Session Organizing stage, conveners will be asked to designate an OSPA Liaison for each session. What does this mean?

Liaisons should contact their colleagues and ask them to go to this website to sign up as a judge for their session.

Liaisons may not sign up others as judges- it’s important that judges agree to the honor code, choose their own judging schedule, and are familiar with the website so that they can enter their own scores.

Liaisons may choose to judge the students in their sessions themselves if they do not have a conflict of interest.

Other conveners in a session may choose to help, but only one Liaison per session will be responsible for securing judges.


Liaison Instructions

Getting Started

  • Use your AGU member login to the system
  • Click on “Find Presentations” in the menu at right
  • Type your session in the “Quick Search” box at the top and click “Search”
  • The students in your session will be displayed on the screen, along with how many judging slots are open (all students should have 3)

Determining the Students in Your Session(s)

  • There may be other students in your sessions, but only those who appear in the system have indicated that they wish to be judged.  Students cannot be added.
  • NOTE:  The judges you send to the site will only see students from other institutions (they will not see their own), but you will
  • You may export these results by clicking “Export Results.”  Judges cannot export.
  • Liaison for multiple sessions? Either do this search several times or you can just select your section/focus group from the drop-down on the “Presentation Search” page to export students and then narrow down the ones from your session
  • Click on the orange triangle beside each paper’s title, to show details:  student’s abstract, institution, and photo (if uploaded).
  • Liaisons can see all judges assigned to a student’s presentation.  (Judge’s name, university and email address. )

Judging Students

  • If you choose to judge any of the students yourself, please ensure that you do not have a conflict of interest with those students.
  • You may “bulk add” presentations to your schedule.  Simply scroll through the search results, checking the box of each presentation you’d like to add and then click “Add to Schedule.”
  • A score sheet button will appear for each student closer to the meeting

My Schedule

  • Screen is blank currently because you haven’t added presentations yet.
  • Two tabs- the darker blue tab that’s shown by default displays presentations that you have not yet judged.
  • Lighter blue tab allows you to switch to presentations that you’ve already judged.
  • Can add/remove presentations on this screen up until the Meeting starts- then you cannot remove presentations from your schedule and are responsible for ensuring that they are judged
  • Can edit score sheets up until 15 December

As sessions are cancelled, presentations are moved to different sessions, students withdraw, etc., the list will be updated in the system.