Having Trouble Finding Your Co-Conveners in Abstract Central?

Recent members of AGU have been pre-populated in the Abstract Central database. If you are unable to find an individual record, please note the following tips:

  • Search for co-convener in a specific way. For example, search only using the last name.
  • If your co-convener recently joined or renewed their AGU membership, their account may not have been passed through from the AGU membership database to Abstract Central. Your co-convener must log in here, https://fallmeeting.agu.org/2013/account/, to pass their membership information through to Abstract Central.

My co-convener is not an AGU member. How do I add them to the session proposal?
If your co-convener will need the ability to schedule the session and add invited authors, they must become an AGU member. Your co-convener may become an AGU member using the link below. Once they join, the co-convener will need to log into the session proposal site to transfer their contact information from the AGU membership database to Abstract Central.  https://fallmeeting.agu.org/2013/account/

If your co-convener will be in name only, please contact the AGU Meetings Department at fm-help@agu.org. Please note that co-conveners in name only will not have any access to Abstract Central and may not take part in scheduling, adding invited authors, or submitting abstracts.