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SM41D. Geoeffectiveness of Space Storms I

SM42B. Particle Acceleration, Transport, and Loss in the Radiation Belts and Ring Current II

Sverdrup Lecture: OS53F. Deep Margins Under Pressure

T11C.* Cities on Subduction Thrusts

T12C.* How, When, and Where Does Slip Occur in the Subduction Environment? I

T33J. The Geodynamics of Plate Tectonics I

T34C. The Geodynamics of Plate Tectonics II

Tyndall Lecture: GC43I. Successful Predictions

U44B. Communicating Geohazard Risk Assessments

U51B. The Arctic System: From Critical Process Studies to Global Perspectives

Union Agency Lecture – Dr. Subra Suresh, Director, NSF

Union Frontiers of Geophysics Lecture – Professor Sir Bob Watson

V13F. Space, Time, and Transport in Petrology and Geochemistry I

V21C.* A Comprehensive Understanding of the Melting Processes at Subduction Zones I

V31E.* Metamorphic and Magmatic Processes at High Pressure I

V34B.* The Geophysics and Geochemistry of Terrestrial Environments

V41D.* The Geophysics and Geochemistry of Terrestrial Environments

V43E. Calderas: Genesis, Evolution, and Eruption of Large Silicic Magma Chambers

V44B. Linking Diverse Constraints on Volcanic Unrest

V52C.* What Can Pyroclasts Tell Us?

Van Allen Lecture: SM34A. Magnetospheric Exploration: Basic Research with a High Public Purpose

Whipple Lecture: P33F. Clues to a Hot, Wet and Violent Ancient Mars

White Lecture: NH22B. Defeating Earthquakes