2012 Fall Meeting Lectures & Sessions can be viewed on YouTube here:


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Charney Lecture: A22B. Mitigating Near-Term Climate Change While Advancing Human Development

Daly Lecture: V41C. Deep Crustal Metamorphic Carbon Cycling in Collisional Orogens

DEEPSEA CHALLENGE: New Science and Technology at Extreme Depths

DI41B. Mantle Plumes: What Do We Really Know?

EP32B. The Future of Human-Landscape Systems II

EP52C. Human Influences on Hydroecogeomorphic Processes Across Spatial Scales

Franklin Lecture: AE31A. Lightning and Climate

GC13E. The National Climate Assessment

GC14C. The North American Regional Climate Change Assessment Program

GC44C. Special Lecture in Ocean Acidification

GC51H. The Anthropocene: Confronting the Prospects of a +4°C World

GC52A. Mechanisms of Past and Future Droughts in the Southwest United States

GC53D. Climate Engineering and Carbon Sequestration Monitoring II

Gutenberg Lecture: S23C. Earthquake Forecasting as a System-Science Problem

H11O. Shallow and Deep Geothermal Systems

H12F. Shallow and Deep Geothermal Systems II

H23I. Hydroepidemiology: Understanding Connections Between Hydrology and Human Health II

H31L. Advancing Drought Monitoring and Prediction With Applications to Decision Making I

H32C. Advancing Drought Monitoring and Prediction With Applications to Decision Making II

IN23F. Near Real Time Data Uses for Earth Science and Space Weather Applications

IN43E. Geostationary Satellite Data Generation II

IN54B. Designing a Road Map for Workflow Cyberinfrastructure in the Geosciences

Langbein Lecture: H22A. The Soil Underfoot: Green Water and Global Food Security

Leptoukh Lecture: IN24B. Bridging Informatics and Earth Science

Lorenz Lecture: NG34A. Fighting Chaos: Applications of Breeding