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2012 AGU Fall Meeting: Lessons Learned from the L’Aquila Earthquake Verdicts Press Conference

A11N.* Data Assimilation in Geosciences

A21M. Gravity Waves in the Atmosphere and Ocean I

A21O.* Transport and Impacts of African Dust on Weather and Climate I

A31K. New Atmospheric Sciences Fellows Presentations I

A32D. New Atmospheric Sciences Fellows Presentations II

A42D. Interactions Between Tropospheric Chemistry and Climate I

A51L. Tropospheric O3 Profiles

A53S. Climate/Meteorological Applications for GNSS and Related Remote Sensing Techniques I

A54F. Space-Based, Operational Global Earth Observations From NPP and JPSS III

AE12A. Lightning and Atmospheric Electricity in Thunderstorms

AGU Presidential Forum – Ira Flatow, NPR Science

B23I. Disturbance Impacts and Responses I

B24A. Disturbance Impacts and Responses II

B33G. Impacts of Extreme Climate Events and Disturbances on Carbon Dynamics I

B34A. Impacts of Extreme Climate Events and Disturbances on Carbon Dynamics II

B54A. Climatic Controls on Net Ecosystem Exchange (NEE) II

Birch Lecture: T32A. Inside a Crustal Earthquake – the Rock Evidence

Bjerknes Lecture: A22A. Tropical Convection: A Half Century Quest for Understanding

Bowen Lecture: V22A. The Andesite Problem: Why is this Planet to be the Earth?

Bowie Lecture: G24A. How Attractive is our Planet?

Bullard Lecture: GP23A. Magnetotelluric studies in East Africa

C41D.* Dust and Black Carbon in the Cryosphere I

C43E. Climate Change and Cryospheric Systems I

C43F. Cryospheric Contribution to Sea Level Rise: Current Estimates and Projections I