Bloggers who are covering the Fall Meeting in San Francisco include:

Blog: Geology  Contact: Andrew Alden
About: The full range of geoscience for the citizen and student
Topics at Meeting: Whatever catches my eye

Blog: Arizona Geology  Contact: Lee Allison
About: Arizona Geology, geoscience community, and the science and events that affect them.
Topics at Meeting: Arizona geoscience and geoscientists and news of interest to the community.

Blog: Discovery Earth  Contact: Larry O’Hanlon
About: All matters relating to Earth sciences.
Topics at Meeting: TBD

Blog: GeoSpace  Contact:  Kate Ramsayer
About: Earth and space sciences
Topics at Meeting:  The range of AGU sciences, with the help of guest bloggers

Blog: Highly Allochthonous  Contact:  Chris Rowan
About: News and commentary from the wide world of earth science
Topics at Meeting: Tectonics, continental deformation, paleomagnetism, geophysics, anything else that interests me.

Blog: Journeys of Dr. G  Contact:  Laura Guertin
About: FROM THE BLOG….  More and more, I’ve noticed that the audience that matters the most to me in my job – my students – are not fully aware of the duties of a faculty member, and how there is much more to my job than teaching.  Hands-down, my passion lies with providing the most effective and innovative approaches to introductory-level Earth science instruction in my classroom.  But there are times I “disappear” during the semester, and I’m challenged with trying to explain to students that going to a conference is actually WORK, not a vacation!
Topics at Meeting: A variety of topics – the sessions I attend, the keynotes and films, a description of my presentation and the session I present in, and the stories of my undergraduate researcher who is attending her first national conference and presenting in the undergraduate student research session on Tuesday afternoon.

Blog: Magma Cum Laude  Contact:  Jessica Ball
About: Volcanology and volcanic hazards, life as a graduate student in the geosciences, my field experiences, science communication, and any other geoscience topic that happens to strike my fancy.
Topics at Meeting: Science communication through social media, physical volcanology (particularly hydrothermal systems on volcanoes), volcanic hazard assessment and mitigation, and general happenings around the conference.

Blog: Mass Media Musings  Contact:  Abbey Dufoe
About: This blog is a conglomeration of environmental musings and mass media musings. I write about social media and environmental issues mostly, and I enjoy an interdisciplinary approach to media and science.
Topics at Meeting: While at the AGU Fall Meeting, I plan to blog each day about what I encounter and about my experiences. Since I am presenting on Tuesday, I will be attending presentations on Monday and plan to blog about what I learn from them. After my presentation on Tuesday, I will blog about the experience of presenting at my last undergraduate research conference!

Blog: Paleowave  Contact: Kaustubh Thirumalai
About: This blog is about my research in paleoclimatology/paleoceanography and paleogeodesy. I deal with topics and current literature centered around corals, foraminifera, paleoclimate and paleo-geodesy.
Topics at Meeting: I will be covering as many paleoclimatology/paleoceanography sessions as possible; along with various presentations dealing with paleogeodesy and paleoseismology.

Blog: Planetwater  Contact:  Claus Haslauer
About: (ground-) water and (geo-) statistics
Topics at Meeting: Intersting talks and the latest from beer o’clock

Blog: Scatterings  Contact:  Bob Sica
About: All that’s fit to print concerning the Purple Crow Lidar and general scientific ramblings of the author.
Topics at Meeting:  Last year was lots about the various posters and talks I was at. Maybe more general musing this year? Maybe both.  A couple years ago I had an exclusive interview the “Geo-pigeon”, the pigeon that was flying around the posters all week, maybe some interviews?

Blog: Seismogenic Zone  Contact: Julian Lozos
About: Most basically, it’s an earthquake blog. More specifically, it talks about recent and historic earthquakes, interesting fault-related places I’ve visited, and whatever earthquake-related news I want to weigh in on.
Topics at Meeting: I’ll try to do a summary of the sessions I attend, which will be mostly earthquake dynamics things. I’ll probably also talk about what it’s like to be at AGU in my last year as a graduate student, knowing that I’m there to connect with potential employers and advisers in addition to the usual sharing of research.

Blog: Up-Section  Contact: Timothy Sherry
Topics at Meeting: Faults and Earthquakes

Blog: Vi-Carius  Contact:  Shawn
Topics at Meeting: I will mostly be covering the poster session and general meeting events, however, it is likely that I will blog about any outstanding sessions or talks that I will attend.