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Multi-device sync allows you to sync your schedule (sessions, abstracts, and events) and exhibitor bookmarks between a desktop computer and multiple devices running the 2012 Fall Meeting mobile app.

You will need to create an account for use with the 2012 Fall Meeting mobile app.  You will also need to download the app and set up multi-device sync on each device you plan to use.  All devices should be linked to the same account.

Please remember that each device must be refreshed after any changes are made, in order to sync those changes to the other devices.  Please see below for additional instructions on managing your schedule and setting up multi-device sync.

Multi-device Sync Instructions

Managing Your Schedule

Click here to plan your schedule online, or open the app on your mobile device.

Add sessions, abstracts, or events to your schedule by selecting the star icon for that entry.

     Event Detail Star

If you are using a mobile device to manage your schedule (either adding or removing items on your calendar), you must refresh your device to save these changes and make them accessible on another device. If you are managing your schedule from your computer, you will be prompted to login before making any changes, and no refreshing will be required.

To view your updated schedule on a different mobile device, please remember to refresh the device so it will sync with the latest changes to your schedule.

Set Up

1.  Create an account.  AGU recommends creating an account from a computer, though accounts can also be created on mobile devices by following the instructions in step 3 below.

Go to and click the gear icon in the top left corner.

Gear Icon on Dashboard

Click Create New Account.

Create New Account

Enter the requested information and click Submit.

2. Download the mobile app on each mobile device you plan to use.  Simply scan the QR code using a QR code reader, or point the device’s web browser to

3.  Link each mobile device to your account.  This step is very important!

Open the 2012 Fall Meeting mobile app and click the gear icon on the dashboard.

Gear Icon on Dashboard

Click Multi Device Sync.


If you created your account on a computer, click Additional Device.  If you are creating your account from a mobile device, click First Device.

Enter the requested information and click Submit.  If successful, you will receive a notification that the link was successful, and the device will sync.

4.  For each additional device, repeat the instructions above, this time selecting Additional Device.  This step is very important!