Town Hall proposal submission is now closed.

Town Hall Meetings offer an opportunity for government agencies, academic programs, special projects and other focused interest groups to gather input from the broad AGU Community. They are open to all meeting participants.

All Town Hall proposals must be submitted through the online system. There is no fee for proposing a Town Hall. The deadline for all proposals is 8 August 2012. The Fall Meeting Program Committee will review and assess the proposals and set the final schedule for all approved Town Halls. Notifications to accepted and scheduled Town Halls will be sent in late-September.  Approved Town Halls will be scheduled for one hour throughout the week.

Town Hall Application Requirements:

  • The title and description should be no more than 500 characters, including target audience and goals. If accepted, the description will be published, and may be edited.
  • Submitters must either be an AGU member or have an AGU member sponsor.
  • Town Hall proposals must include Conveners/Organizers for the meeting, including name and affiliation. You may also include a list of proposed speakers, if applicable.
  • Applications may also include Section/Focus Group endorsements, if applicable. You may solicit these endorsements from the appropriate Program Committee member(s).

Town Hall Organizer Responsibilities:

  • All organizers and Town Hall participants should plan to register for the AGU Fall Meeting and pay the applicable registration fee.
  • Organizers will be responsible for a portion of the labor charges required to have an audio-visual technician present during the Town Hall.  This amount will be finalized in late-September.
  • Organizers are responsible for paying for any additional audio-visual equipment beyond the basic set-up provided (see below).  Organizers may also order food/beverages for their event.  Please contact the AGU Meeting Department for more information about ordering additional equipment or food.

Fall Meeting Program Committee and AGU Responsibilities:

  • AGU will provide meeting space and basic audio-visual equipment for Town Hall meetings.  This includes an LCD projector, screen, laser pointer, PC and Mac.
  • The Program Committee will determine the date and time for all Town Hall meetings.
  • AGU will publicize the Town Hall on the conference website as well as the program book.