Town Hall meetings offer an opportunity for government agencies, academic programs, special projects, and other focused interest groups to gather input from the broader AGU Community. They are open to all meeting participants.

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Tuesday, 6 December, 1230h-1330

DOE’s Climate and Environmental Sciences Town Hall: GreenOceanAmazon2014

The Climate and Environmental Sciences Division (CESD) within the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Biological and Environmental Research will sponsor an integrated experiment called GreenOceanAmazon2014 to address coupled atmosphere-cloud-terrestrial tropical systems. The goal is to evaluate and improve the representation of these coupled processes in climate models. GreenOceanAmazon2014 will extend through the wet and dry seasons of 2014. The campaign centers on the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Climate Research Facility deployment and will include process and modeling research components supported across CESD. This town hall meeting will engage the AGU community while providing opportunities for community input to and collaboration with GreenOceanAmazon2014.
Location: Moscone West, Room 2002

Dynamic Earth: German Research Opportunities in Geosciences

Cosponsored by PP
This town hall meeting will give insight to Germany’s research funding activities. Germany offers a wide variety of research, scientific collaboration, and career opportunities for geoscientists. The meeting will illustrate this by presenting examples of geoscientific projects and the personal experiences of invited speakers from Germany and abroad, who will highlight their interdisciplinary work and careers in fields such as paleoclimatology, climate changes, geophysics, and hydrosystems. An informal question-and-answer session will provide further information about funding and collaboration options for scientists in doctorate to senior levels.
Location: Moscone West, Room 2007

EarthScope Town Hall

Cosponsored by AS, C, EP, IN, ED, G, GP, H, MRP, NH, NS, NG, PP, S, DI, T, V
EarthScope enables the interdisciplinary exploration of the structure and evolution of the North American continent by scientists accessing a range of seismological, geodetic, in situ fault zone sampling, geochronology, and high resolution topography resources. EarthScope continues to offer superb opportunities for formal and informal science education in the solid Earth sciences. This town hall meeting introduces the EarthScope National Office at Arizona State University, provides updates on current activities and plans for eastern North America and Alaska, and solicits feedback. The target audience is colleagues interested in the science and broader impacts of EarthScope.
Location: Moscone West, Room 2008

NASA Earth Science Division Town Hall Session

Cosponsored by AS, B, C, GC, OS
NASA’s Earth Science Division (ESD) leadership team will present an update of ESD’s status and plans, with significant time following for audience discussion. Highlighted items will include (1) status of operating satellite missions, including those under formulation and development; (2) progress toward the satellite missions identified in the Spring 2010 Climate Initiative, which incorporates guidance from the 2007 National Research Council Decadal Survey; (3) initial implementation and status of solicitations for Venture Class activities; (4) recent evolution of and future plans for research, applied sciences, and technology program elements; and (5) NASA’s contribution to interagency and international Earth observation and global change programs.
Location: Moscone West, Room 2004

Study of Environmental Arctic Change Town Hall: Community Input on Activities and Directions

Cosponsored by C
The Study of Environmental Arctic Change (SEARCH) is an interdisciplinary, interagency program that works with the science community to plan, conduct, and synthesize studies of arctic change. SEARCH’s vision is to provide scientific understanding of arctic environmental change to help society respond to a rapidly changing Arctic, and SEARCH is undertaking a strategic planning process to prioritize goals for the next 3-5 years. This town hall meeting will provide a forum for open exchange on several issues, including: common goals in the arctic science community, the Arctic Observing Network, Sea Ice Outlook projects, and others. Members of the arctic science and education communities are encouraged to attend.
Location: Moscone West, Room 2009

The New Decadal Strategic Plan for the United States Global Change Research Program

Cosponsored by AS
Leadership from the U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP) will discuss its new decadal strategic plan and elicit audience feedback. The intended audience is scientists, educators, policy makers, and managers working in areas of global change. The strategic plan, to be published in early 2012, provides a new vision for the Program, organized around four pillars: Advance Science, Inform Decisions, Sustained Assessments, and Communicate and Educate. USGCRP is a consortium of thirteen federal agencies that conduct and support coordinated research, observations, modeling in climate and global change, and provide information services for scientists, government agencies, and the public.
Location: Moscone West, Room 2005

Tuesday, 6 December, 1815h-1915h

Space Physics and Aeronomy Section Agency Night

Cosponsored by SA,SM, SH
This town hall meeting will feature speakers from the agencies that fund Space Physics and Aeronomy (SPA) research, including NASA and NSF. It will be a valuable opportunity for the community to learn about the evolving situation at these agencies and to provide feedback to agency representatives. Other matters, such as the AGU Mission: Alignment Project, also may be discussed.
Location: Moscone West, Room 2002