In addition to the Named Lectures, the following sessions will also be videotaped for on-demand viewing.

5 December —  7 December —  8 December —  9 December

Tuesday, 6 December

U21B Dawn Explores Vesta I
Moscone South, Room 104, 0800h

U21C Data and Information Quality Really Matters in the Era of Predictive and Often Contentious Science I
Moscone South, Room 103, 0800h

U22A Dawn Explores Vesta II
Moscone South, Room 104, 1020h

U22B Computational Intelligence in Earth and Space Systems I
Moscone South, Room 103, 1020h

U23B Dawn Explores Vesta III
Moscone South, Room 104, 1340h

U23C Predicting Extreme Events in Natural and Socioeconomic Systems: State-of-the-Art and Emerging Possibilities II
Moscone South, Room 103, 1340h