The Bowie Lecture Series was inaugurated in 1989 to commemorate the fiftieth presentation of the William Bowie Medal, which is AGU’s highest honor and is named for AGU’s first president. Bowie Lectures are distinguished below with an asterisk (*). All lectures will be videotaped for on-demand viewing and posted on the Fall Meeting Web site.

Tuesday, 6 December

A21F Bjerknes Lecture*
Moscone West, Rooms 2022-2024, 0800h
The Recent Findings of the “Scientific Assessment of Ozone Depletion: 2010” and the World Avoided by the Montreal Protocol
Presented by Paul A. Newman, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Maryland, USA

A21G Charney Lecture*
Moscone West, Rooms 2022-2024, 0900h
Climate Change: A Very Cloudy Picture
Presented by Graeme L.  Stephens, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California, USA

H22A Langbein Lecture*
Moscone West, Rooms 2022-2024, 1020h
The Emergence of Terrestrial Hydrometeorology
Presented by William J. Shuttleworth, University of Arizona, Tucson, USA

S23C Gutenberg Lecture*
Moscone West, Rooms 2022-2024, 1400h
Great Earthquake Ruptures in the Age of Seismo-Geodesy
Presented by Thorne Lay, University of California, Santa Cruz, USA

C24A Nye Lecture
Moscone South, Room 104, 1700h
We Are All Engineers Now: Delivering Useful Projections of Sea Level Rise
Presented by W. T.  Pfeffer, University of Colorado, Boulder, USA

GP24A Bullard Lecture*
Moscone South, Room 103, 1700h
Rock Magnetism: Successes and Mysteries
Presented by David J. Dunlop, University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

V24A Bowen Lectures
Moscone West, Rooms 2022-2024, 1600h
By Permission of the Mantle: Modern and Ancient Deep Earth Volatile Cycles
Presented by Marc M. Hirschmann, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA

Moscone West, Rooms 2022-2024, 1700h
Hydromechanical Modeling of Fluid Flow in the Lower Crust
Presented by James Connolly, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

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