Press Releases from AGU’s Fall Meeting- 6 December

Please check back during the day as new releases will be added throughout the Meeting.

Space Weather Workshop

 The Ohio State University Study- Giant Super-Earth Made of Diamond Are Possible

Earthquake Prediction in Japan and Natural Time Analysis of Seismicity

International Team Finds Japan Tsunami Breakwater Ineffective

Is Black Carbon Underestimated as a Global Warming Agent?

Scripps News at 2011 AGU Fall Meeting – Tip Sheet

A Tale of Two Storms – Scripps

Landslide Fatality Records Give Warning for the Future

 Scripps Oceanographer to be Honored

A Tale of Two Storms from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography

This Year Colibrys is Celebrating its 10 year’s Anniversary!

Risk-based Mapping Tool for Targeting Sources of River Pollution Released as Free Software

Hawaiian Hotspot Variability Attributed to Small-Scale Convection