Press Releases from 5 December

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Vesta’s ‘Color Palette’ Shown in New NASA Dawn Visuals

Images from the “Vesta’s ‘Color Palette’ Shown in New NASA Dawn Visuals” press conference

Interior Releases First-of-its Kind Regional Study as a Part of National Assessment of Carbon Storage in U.S. Ecosystems

USGS Science at AGU: Tsunamis, climate change, Hawaiian volcanoes, planetary science, water, minerals, and more – Press Tip Sheet

NSIDC Science at AGU: Arctic sea ice, climate change and permafrost carbon –Press Tip Sheet

NASA’s Voyager Hits new region at Solar System Edge

Key Talks from the Earth Institute – Earth Institute, Columbia University

AGU Feature: Ancient Dry Spells Offer Clues About the Future of Drought

USGS: Baseline and Projected Future Carbon Storage and Greenhouse-Gas Fluxes in the Great Plains Region of the United States

NASA Finds Merging Tsunami Doubled Japan Destruction


PNNL talks climate, wind and carbon at AGU – PNNL Tip Sheet

Space Weather Workshop