2011 AGU Fall Meeting Blog Roll

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Bloggers who are covering the Fall Meeting in San Francisco include:

Blog: About.com Geology  Contact: Andrew Alden
About: Earth Science
Topics at Meeting: The scene and my favorite things.

Blog: Arizona Geology  Contact: Lee Allison
About: Geology-related events and news in Arizona or of interest to the Arizona geoscience community.
Topics at Meeting: Events and news about Arizona geoscience or of interest to the Arizona geoscience community.

Blog: Dan’s Wild Wild Science Journal  Contact: Dan Satterfield
About: Earth science- meteorology, climate, astronomy etc.
Topics at Meeting: Climate for sure, and any other interesting things I see or hear.

Blog: Clastic Detritus Contact: Brian Romans
About: Mostly sedimentary geology, with some marine geology, geomorphology, tectonics, and climate thrown in for fun.
Topics at Meeting: Brief updates about interesting talks, posters, and other happenings.

Blog: Climate Abyss Contact: John Nielsen-Gammon
About: The blog discusses weather and climate topics, including local (Texas) events and scientific issues of broader significance.
Topics at Meeting: My focus will be on topics related to climate and climate change.

Blog: Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) Blog  Contact: Erin Robinson
About: This blog is about the Earth science informatics community current events.
Topics at Meeting: I will be writing about Earth science informatics sessions (AGU ESSI), highlighting ESSI participants. I will also be highlight Ignite@AGU, an exciting event that combines the Ignite method (5 mins, 20 slides, auto-advance) with AGU topics, and the Data Management Short Course.

Blog: EarthScope Blog  Contact: Ramon Arrowsmith
About: The EarthScope blog is a mechanism to keep the community up to date on the myriad of EarthScope activities and research and to invite feedback and comments.
Topics at Meeting: EarthScope presentations, data and research. (i.e. PBO, SAFOD, USArray, various field programs, educational products and activities, social media and general geologic geophysical research involving North America)

Blog: Elegant Figures  Contact: Robert Simmon
About: Data visualization and information design on NASA’s Earth Observatory.
Topics at Meeting: Visualization, communication, outreach, and any interesting science that strikes me.

Blog: Emily Erratic  Contact: Emily
About: Post-graduate adventures (and misadventures) of a young geologist.
Topics at Meeting: As a first time AGU attendee, I will discuss interesting talks, student science, and my experiences connecting with other geoscientists.

Blog: Eruptions  Contact: Erik Klemetti
About: Volcanoes, eruptions and other things magmatic.
Topics at Meeting: Anything that might be volcanically-related (or whatever gets my attention).

Blog: Euroscientist  Contact: Simon Schneider
About: The Euroscientist is the official publication of the Euroscience organization. We publish articles on a variety of topics based on science and science policy.
Topics at Meeting: Earth Science Education, Public Affairs, General Issues, International Cooperations.

Blog: FrontierScientists  Contact: Laura
About: Sharing the Arctic’s newest discoveries.
Topics at Meeting: Arctic science for the general public

Blog: GeoSpace  Contact: Kate Ramsayer, guest bloggers
About: AGU’s in-house blog about Earth and space sciences
Topics at Meeting: Anything and everything that interests our bloggers.

Blog: Highly Allochthonous  Contact: Chris Rowan/Anne Jefferson
About: Various geological topics, including earthquakes, floods, plate tectonics and geomorphology; plus occasional discussions of life in science and science communication.
Topics at Meeting: Whatever excites, fascinates or amuses us.

Blog: Isotope Dope  Contact: Kaustubh Thirumalai
About: Climate science, Indian science, paleoclimate, music & books – views from an Indian grad student getting his phD in the US.
Topics at Meeting: Most things related to the Paleoceanography & Paleoclimatology sessions; thoughts on AGU from the perception of a first-time visitor.

Blog: The Landslide Blog  Contact: Dave Petley
About: Landslides, rockfalls, natural hazards, disasters (especially earthquakes and tropical cyclones), climate change.
Topics at Meeting: Landslides, natural hazards, climate change.

Blog: Magma Cum Laude Contact: Jessica Ball
About: Volcanology, graduate school, geoscience education.
Topics at Meeting: Volcanology, geoscience education, student scientists, geology near San Francisco.

Blog: Martian Chronicles  Contact: Ryan Anderson
About: Planetary science and space exploration.
Topics at Meeting: Planetary science and anything else that I find interesting.

Blog: Mountain Beltway  Contact: Callan Bentley
About: General geology, with a moderately strong focus on structural geology, the evolution of mountain belts, the Appalachians, and plenty of diversions into geological travels, climate change, biological evolution, science literacy, and teaching.
Topics at Meeting: Everything that catches my eye.

Blog: National Ecological Observatory Network  Contact: Sandra Chung
About: The blog is about learning, trying, failing, and improving scientific design. It contains many different scientists’ perspectives on the process of designing, constructing, testing and refining a distributed climate and ecology observatory that can collect multiple compatible data sets at different spatial scales. The blog also address the way the entire network is woven together with a cyber-infrastructure that streamlines the collection, synthesis and distribution of free data products for science and education.
Topics at Meeting: Blog posts from the 2011 AGU Fall Meeting will cover a wide variety of geophysical science, especially relating to remote sensing, climate and ecology modeling, continental scaling methodologies, and science communication.

Blog: NSIDC Icelights Contact: Katherine Leitzell
About: Icelights: Your Burning Questions About Ice and Climate digs into what’s hot in the news around climate and sea ice, provides a behind-the-scenes view of what scientists are talking about, and answers questions from readers. Icelights is researched, written, and produced at the National Snow and Ice Data Center at the University of Colorado at Boulder.
Topics at Meeting: I’ll be checking out the latest research on Arctic sea ice and climate.

Blog: Off The Shelf Edge  Contact: Zane Jobe
About: Sedimentary geology, mostly deep-marine processes and products (turbidites).
Topics at Meeting: Sedimentary geology, including outcrop studies, numerical modeling, experimental modeling, and modern systems.

Blog: The Planetary Society Blog  Contact: Emily Lakdawalla
About: Planetary science & robotic space exploration
Topics at Meeting: I’ll be reporting Monday and Tuesday, primarily Cassini results on Monday and Dawn on Tuesday.

Blog: Planetwater  Contact: Claus Haslauer
About: Hydro(geo)logy, (geo)statistics
Topis at meeting: Beer’o’clock gossip and other news on liquids.

Blog: The S Factor blog  Contact: Dan Curl
About: We are your source for the secrets behind successful scientific video storytelling! Here you will find tips, tricks and breakdowns by some top-notch, creative film-industry people who tell visual stories for a living.
Topics at Meeting: Filmmaking workshop

Blog: Scatterings: The Purple Crow Lidar Blog Contact: Bob Sica
About: Western’s Purple Crow Lidar measures dynamics and composition of Earth’s atmosphere from the surface to the edge of space. Follow what’s happening with the Crows here.
Topics at Meeting: Mostly atmospheric science and plan to do many posts particularly on individual posters I encounter.

Blog: Seismogenic Zone Contact: Julian Lozos
About: Mostly earthquakes (research, hazard, outreach), but also San Francisco and things that I draw.
Topics at Meeting: Talks/sessions that particularly interest me, how my own presentation goes.

Blog: SpaceInfo Contact: Jonathan Nally
About: SpaceInfo brings you a hand-picked selection of news and images from the fields of astronomy and space exploration, updated daily.
Topics at Meeting: Anything to do with the history and exploration of Earth and the wider Solar System.

Blog: Universe Today  Contact: Nancy Atkinson and team
About: The latest space and astronomy news from around the Universe.
Topics at Meeting: Planetary and Earth science.

Blog: Up Section Contact: Timothy Sherry
About: Geology, geophysics, Science, and graduate school.
Topics at Meeting: Faults, earthquakes, structure, tectonics, geomorph.

Blog: Vi-Carius  Contact: Shawn Wright
About: Geology, mineralogy, and isotope geochemistry.
Topics at Meeting: Isotope geochemistry and other things that I find interesting.

Blog: What on Earth Contact: Adam Voiland, Maria-Jose Vinas, Patrick Lynch
About: Earth science, remote sensing, NASA…
Topics at Meeting: We’ll be covering anything related to remote sensing with an emphasis on studies that use NASA data.