Public Lecture: Adventures of a (Geoscientist) Astronaut: Nuts, Bolts, and Repairs in Earth Orbit by Astronaut Andrew Feustel

Sunday, 4 December 1200h-1300h

AGU is thrilled to announce that this year’s public lecture will be given by astronaut and AGU member Andrew Feustel.

Feustel was aboard Space Shuttle Endeavour’s final mission (STS-134) to the International Space Station (ISS), which launched 16 May 2011.  Feustel served as the lead space walker  and logged 21 hours and 20 minutes over three extra-vehicular activities. During his last mission, Feustel took a copy of Eos into space aboard the shuttle and sent back photographs of the issue floating by the window of the ISS, delighting AGU staff and members. He will discuss this mission and his previous duties on the last mission to the Hubble Space telescope (STS-125), as well as his experiences as a Geophysicist Astronaut.
Location: Moscone South, Room 102.  Admission free.

Exploration Station

Sunday, 4 December 1300h-1700h

This is a family science event designed to showcase AGU science and allow children and the public to interact directly with scientists and education specialists. We have over 25 hands-on exhibits this year on diverse topics such as the electromagnetic spectrum, Mars, earthquakes, deep-sea research, special space-themed activities for younger children, and more.
Location: Moscone South, Rooms 103-104. Admission free.

Book Reading: The Wizard Who Saved the World by Scientist Jeffrey Bennett

Sunday, 4 December 1300h-1700h; Readings 1330h-1415h and 1530h-1615h

Jeffrey Bennett, an astronomer, teacher, and writer, will conduct the first-ever public reading of his new children’s book, The Wizard Who Saved the World, about a young boy who daydreams of being a wizard with magical powers. When the hero snaps out of his daydreaming and remembers that he can’t really do magic, he wonders whether there is anything he can do in real life to help save the world. He goes on to consider many potential careers, and becomes greatly inspired as he realizes that he can make a difference.
Location: Moscone South, Readings in Room 102; Meet the Author in Rooms 103-104. Admission free.