AGU’s Fall Meeting offers a wide variety of activities and events for students to network, interact with famous scientists, present their work and receive career path advice!

Special Student “Pop-Up” Talks

Pop-Up sessions are exciting new sessions entirely created by and organized by students!  The goal is for students to develop an interdisciplinary session that will feature students giving a 5 minute “pop-up” talk about how their research impacts society, vision of the future of geophysics, or experience as a student of a particular continent, country, race, gender, etc.

Students at an early career stage can gain practice communicating their research to other scientists and the general public.  Students will be encouraged to submit an additional media component, of their own work, highlighting the theme of their abstract. Examples of media include, video (up to 1 minute long), photo, mural, or other creative art form.

The abstracts for the student pop-up sessions must be submitted through the Fall Meeting submission site. Students may submit an abstract for a Pop-Up session in addition to an abstract for any other section or focus group.  The deadline to submit an abstract is 6 August 2014. Students may submit a pop-up talk as an abstract to the below sessions.

Water Sciences Pop-Ups Session ID#: 1996

This session provides students the opportunity to give a 5min TED-like presentation on their future vision of water sciences. We offer students a platform to share their ideas with fellow (young) scientists and the general public. Presentations should strive to go beyond a condensed form of one’s research to address broader issues like education and global water scarcity. Visit for notable examples and a detailed session description. Selections will be based on abstract and career stage, with the goal of having a diverse range of topics and backgrounds. A training workshop on effective presentation skills will follow the session. This session is restricted to students and those who submit can be first author on another abstract submission.

Keeping Geology Alive: Interactive Demonstrations in the Earth Sciences (Pop-Ups) Session ID#: 2518

This session offers students an opportunity to give a 5 minute presentation focused on outreach and classroom activities and demonstrations related to the geosciences. Presentations can cover classroom and public demonstrations, methods, or platforms for sharing geoscience research to students and/or the public in an accessible and engaging way. Inclusion of videos and instructions is encouraged. Submissions are restricted to students and do not count towards the single lead author abstract limit for AGU. The goal of this session is to share ideas for engaging students and the public in geosciences research. A blog will be maintained at and will include content that presenters wish to make public, including but not limited to videos and instructions on how a demonstration was conducted.

The Challenges Faced and Strategies Used When Switching Disciplines (Pop-Up Session)Session ID#: 3289

Geophysics comprises a wide variety of disciplines, from space physics to hydrology, and thus attracts students and researchers with diverse educational backgrounds. While this is greatly beneficial to the geophysics community, these new “geophysicists” must first face the daunting task of learning and adapting to an unfamiliar discipline. This task, however, is not limited to just those scientists – even geophysicists-by-training often need to learn a new discipline to achieve their scientific goals. In this session, students will present 5 minute pop-up talks that discuss the challenges faced and strategies used when learning a new discipline or helping someone else through the adjustment. By opening this topic for discussion, we hope to determine how best to support ourselves, friends, colleagues, and future students in transitioning to a new and unfamiliar discipline.
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Student Travel Grants

A limited number of travel grants are available for students planning to attend Fall Meeting.  More information.

Student Lounge

American Geophysical Union - Fall Meting 2012Come to the Student Lounge in Moscone South Poster Hall to take a break in between sessions, network with other students, and meet your section or focus group’s student representative!  Recharge your batteries . . . or your cell phone or laptop batteries!  Various other activities and interactive meetings will be planned throughout the week!

Don’t dine alone!  Come to the Student Lounge at 5:30 P.M. Monday – Friday to meet fellow students, pick up menus and walking maps.

Outstanding Student Paper Award (OSPA) Program

Gain valuable feedback about your presentation skills and scientific research by participating in the OSPA program!  More information.

Student Roommate Board

Looking to share hotel costs at Fall Meeting?  Find other students to room with by posting on AGU’s Student Roommate Board!  More information.

San Francisco City Tours and Student Trips

All members arriving before the Fall Meeting are invited to join AGU staff on tours of San Francisco sights, including Muir Woods, Sausalito, and the Exploratorium.  Trips are planned for Saturday, 13 December; the evening of Tuesday, 16 December; and the evening of Thursday, 18 December.  Booking information here.

Student Volunteer Program

Earn free Fall Meeting 2014 registration while gaining a behind-the-scenes look at the largest geophysical conference!  More information.