Welcome to the 2014 AGU Fall Meeting Media Center!

Journalists interview Paul Mahaffy, Principal Investigator for the NASA Curiosity rover’s Sample Analysis at Mars instrument, after a press conference about the rover on Mon., Dec. 3, at the 2012 AGU Fall Meeting. Photo by M.C. Adams, AGU.

To help you report on newsworthy scientific findings presented at the meeting, AGU will provide a press room in which members of the news media, as well as communications officers of scientific organizations, can work and mingle.

In the press room — and in an online Virtual Press Room on this site — AGU will make available copies of press releases about developments in Earth and space science and other news that will be coming out of the meeting. AGU will also offer a series of press conferences about newsworthy scientific advances that will be presented at the meeting.

Quiet Rooms: Registered members of the press can reserve either of two available Quiet Rooms during the meeting to conduct interviews. Reservations are given in 30-minute increments and are on a first-come, first-served basis.