Public Lecture - Curiosity Driven Mars Exploration

Rendering of NASA's Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity rover
Moscone South - Room 102

This year’s public lecture will feature Michael Meyer, Lead Scientist for the Mars Exploration Program, NASA Headquarters; John Grotzinger, Program Scientist for the Mars Science Laboratory, California Institute of Technology; and Rebecca Williams, Participating Scientist on the Mars Science Laboratory, Planetary Science Institute. This panel of three Mars scientists will engage the public in a discussion of Mars exploration and the latest activities of the rover Curiosity – the most sophisticated explorer ever sent to another planet.  The panelists will discuss the hopes and excitement of exploring Mars through a robot’s eyes, nose, taste, and touch. In addition, a full-sized inflatable model of the rover Curiosity along with hands-on activities for families will be featured immediately after the lecture at Exploration Station. This free talk is open to all!