GP21A-1125: Tectonic reconstructions of Siberian craton in Mesozoic era: combination of the hotspot trace and paleomagnetism

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Authors: Dunia Blanco, Vadim A Kravchinsky

Author Institutions: Physics, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, Canada

Siberian geological history has been marked by a number of huge magmatic eruptions. The largest event, Siberian flood basalt extrusion, occurred at Permo-Triassic boundary (250 Ma). This massive eruption, that occupies an area of ~3.7_106 km2 with a volcanic sequence thickness of about 6.5 km and a total volume of at least 3.0_106 km3, is suggested to be related to the Icelandic hotspot (Kuzmin et al. 2010; Smirnov and Tarduno, 2010) whose track can be traced along the North Arctic region (Lawver and Muller 1994;Kuzmin et al. 2010). We reconstruct and compare the motion of Siberia with respect to the hotspot track and to the apparent polar wander path (APWP) during the Mesozoic era in order to create an accurate tectonic reconstruction of Siberia and Europe during this period of time. Furthermore, as the interval of Siberian APWP between 150 – 250 Ma is poorly constructed we generate a new 150 – 250 Ma segment of APWP based on the motion of Siberia above the Icelandic hotspot.